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Salmon Portions

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Stock your freezer with frozen salmon or halibut fillets and you will always have a healthy, quick, and flavorful dinner on hand. Freshness is important when it comes to any seafood.

Frozen Fish?

 Unless you’re lucky enough to have a fresh catch off the boat or a great seafood store that gets shipments daily, buying frozen fish is the answer to easy access to better quality seafood.

Halibut Portions

Salmon Filet

When you order our Salmon Portions, you can make a delicious salmon filet dinner.  

Halibut Wrap

Order some halibut and you can make a pan seared Halibut wrap with yummy coleslaw . 

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More Than Fond Memories!

My Grandpa George Backman and I pulled into the west end basin. I had no idea what to expect. We tied up the boat and as I saw my
grandpa come out of the cabin, he said where are your shoes? I said I
wore my boots. We walked up town to a cafe to have a cheeseburger.  As we headed back to the boat, we proceeded to run out to the middle of the river surrounded by a lot of boats. As I watched my grandpa check his watch and look around, I could see how comfortable he was, and it had a calming effect on me.
Later, as it started to get dark, I headed to the stern to get ready to lay out the net. Grandpa George surprised me when he said, “Mike see that big light? I want you to steer towards the light. As we laid out the net, he would give me directions to keep me on course. As a ten-year-old boy, I was fully convinced that I was in control of the boat and was seriously following his instructions and determined not to mess up. It was decades later that I realized that grandpa’s hand was still on the console in the stern and was able to self-correct the course if needed.                                                                                      I have a lot of fond memories of fishing with family members and so many great memories of growing up in this tight-knit industry.              I started out in Egegik set netting with my Mom and when I turned fifteen, I started fishing with my Dad in his boat.  This was a good opportunity for me because it taught me how to work and how to deal with being on a boat as a teenager with your dad. It was great, but I couldn’t fully appreciate it until i got older and got my own boat. We fished together for many years and that is my greatest memory of all.                                                                                                                                      At the age of 52, most of the old-timers I grew up with are gone. It is
hard to explain or put into words how I feel about fishing. I love it! God only knows, we are not just there for the money because fishing is a hard life.  The unpredictability of not knowing what you will catch or how much they will pay season to season. I have made sacrifices on what I do here in the off season to accommodate my fishing addiction.
I long for the old days with my people. Every summer when I go to
Bristol bay it truly feels like I am going home. This last summer,  I found a new inspiration. I took my nephew to Alaska for the first time, and I was able to share with him some great experiences and memories. The goal now is to make fishing more stable. I am working to sell fish directly to the public and develop stability, so I can take some of the wild ride out of the industry so; that my next generation will be able to embrace the great opportunity and wonderful lifestyle I have been so
blessed to enjoy.

Mike Backman

Owner and Operator

Meet Mike Backman, your third-generation fisherman bringing the bounty of the Columbia River and Bristol Bay straight to your table.

Mike isn’t just selling seafood; he’s sharing a legacy. Growing up on the water, gillnetting salmon with his family, Mike’s connection to the fishing industry runs deep. His roots go back generations, to a time when wooden sailboats danced across the waves and the rhythm of the tides guided the way.

For Mike, fishing is more than a job; it’s a way of life. He fishes with the same passion and respect that his ancestors did, braving the elements to bring in the season’s freshest catch. Whether the money is good or the wind howls like a banshee, Mike is out there, honoring the tradition and the land.

Now, Mike is excited to embark on a new adventure: bringing you the finest wild seafood through a direct-market CSA-style program. This is your chance to connect directly with the people who catch your food, to savor the fruits of their labor, and to support a sustainable fishing practice that respects both the ocean and the local community.

More than just seafood, Mike’s CSA is a celebration. It’s a celebration of flavor, of tradition, and of the wild places that nourish us all. By joining Mike’s CSA, you’re not just getting a delicious meal; you’re becoming part of something bigger, something that connects us to the land and to each other.

So, are you ready to taste the wild? Sign up for Mike’s CSA today and experience the difference a generations-old passion can make.

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